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Your Day as a Hindu What is a day of Hindu like?
From The River of Heaven

An introductory Hindu book by an Dr. David Frawley covers major aspects of Hindu dharma.

Hindu Doctrine and Way of Life Authored by one of the most respected Hindu authors, Rajaji (C. Raja Gopalachari), this book gives a unique insight into the Hindu dharma.
Hindu Dharma

Author of the popular Hindu introductory book, "The Hindu Mind" Bansi Pandit, presents this valuable resource, targeted especially towards the youth - it is simple, easy to read and practical.

What Every Hindu Ought to Know

Swami Harshananda presents forty basic questions about Hindu dharma and the answers to them in this book ....

Hinduism Simplified

A book in the form of questions and answers by Dr. Gangadhar Chaudhary has been very popular amongst the children seeking explanation of various aspects of Hindu dharma.

Hinduism Throu Questions and Answers Authored by "A Hindu Monk", this book covers topics such as origin, philosophical systems, eternal principles, customs, rituals and contemporary Hindu issues
Aspects of Our Religion One of the most prominent saints of our times, Shankaracharya of Kanchi Math Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati has written this book to present basics of Hindu dharma and its guiding philosophy.
Essence of Hinduism

Written by Prof. D. S. Sharma, Essence of Hinduism is perhaps one of the best known introductions to Hindu dharma ....

Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

Dr. David Frawley introduces Hindu dharma in this book, which contains excellent question and answer section giving Hindu perspective on various issues from the perspective of a Western Hindu. Also an excellent comparision between Hindu dharma and other faiths.

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